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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

My name is Sadie, and the name for my blog, "The Mixed-Up Minimalist" is perfectly fitting. I wanted the name to work on different levels… I didn’t realize how many levels could be achieved. The obvious word that come to my mind for the title was “minimalist” a word that encompasses my journey over the last couple years. The “mixed-up” portion is a little different, initially I thought of this in the shower, as I was listing off different adjectives that start with the letter “m” that could describe me. I landed on “mixed” I thought, ah yes, being mixed is definitely a defining characteristic in my life, it also plays into one of my overall pillars of encouraging and educating POCs that minimalism is not just a “white hippy fad.”

Then I thought, what about “mixed-up?” As in being confused and spun around and unsure of where to go next, which very much has been my minimalist journey. I initially thought minimalist was a direct path, you start with a lot of stuff and then you end with less stuff. Joke was completely on me, little did I know that the minimalism journey is more like walking through a maze, where there are several paths that branch off into new mazes, definitely some dead ends, and somehow you can end up right back at the beginning.

Then I decided to google “mixed-up” and I got the lovely Mariam Webster definition of “(of a person) suffering from psychological or emotional problems. That’s heavy. Whoa, not what I was going for… but then I thought about my journey and when I actually (unknowingly) started being a minimalist. I was sitting on the floor, crying in my room, surrounded by piles and piles of clothes. I was moving to Portland in two days and I was so overwhelmed not only by the thought of the move, but just the sheer amount of stuff I actually had. I could not bring myself to sort my own clothing, I was definitely experiencing psychological, and emotional problems.

Thankfully with the help of friends and family I was able to sort through all of my junk. I shipped a few boxes and packed my car with my cat and the rest of my belongings. As I made the road trip from OKC to PDX ,I realized everything I owned could fit inside of a Volkswagen, and I liked the thought of having less stuff and less stress.

Over the next nine months, I bought a bed, a desk, patio furniture and a ton of other stuff to fill the large apartment I shared with my roommate. I had somehow accumulated more things than I needed, simply to fill the space I had. When I moved into my current studio apartment with a grand total of 385 square feet, I had to go through another huge reduction in my personal items. I have now been my my tiny studio for almost two years and I largely contribute it to the reason I pursue minimalism... I really can't have a lot of items in a space that is so small.

So after almost three years from my initial breaking point, I was able to dig myself out of my psychological and emotional attachment to items, and realize that “mixed-up” is the perfect phrase to describe me, and this page was born.

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