• Sadie Daffer

Three Lies from the Oil & Gas Industry

The 5 largest oil & gas companies have spent $200 million (yes, $200 MILLION) annually (yes, ANNUALLY) for lobbying Congress to not produce environmental policy. That money should be used to invest in green technology: to curb emissions, fund new clean energy projects, and invest in the future. Major companies should use those funds for employee training to help transition their people into the green energy sector. That money should be used to find solutions to the overwhelming pollution issue. This money is used under the guise of protecting workers jobs, tax funding for communities, and an affordable energy solution. THESE ARE ALL LIES.

1. Protecting Workers Jobs

Oil & Gas has always operated on a “boom and bust” cycle since the beginning, where there are extreme hiring events and even worse extreme lay off events. This is all designed for the protection of the companies revenue. Recently with the over production of oil in Saudi Arabia and Russia the price of a barrel of oil has never been lower, with the combination of COVID, there are more and more men (and some women) loosing their jobs, and mental health crisis and suicides are resulting in oil & gas communities worst than ever before. Massive investments need to be made in more stable energy sectors that don’t abuse the workers of the industry.

2. Tax Funding for the Community

The Oil & Gas industry can not honestly support a community financially while simultaneously poisoning and polluting it. The cost of repairs will far out weigh the nice new events center, or park that was built.

3. The Only Affordable Energy Solution

Oil & Gas USED to be the most affordable energy solution, but advancements in hydropower, solar and wind energies have closed the gap on the difference in over all costs. Meaning the cost of green energy just makes more ‘cents’!

Please read these resources and let me know your thoughts on oil lobbying!


  1. Forbes “Oil And Gas Giants Spend Millions Lobbying To Block Climate Change Policies”

  2. The Guardian “In America’s oil country, men losing their jobs are suffering in silence”

  3. Greenpeace “Oil lobby looking to plastic to keep the petrochemical industry afloat”

  4. Forbes “Renewable Energy Costs Take Another Tumble, Making Fossil Fuels Look More Expensive Than Ever”

  5. How to Save a Planet Podcast “The Witch of Wind”

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