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No Waste November Challenge

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

30 days, and 30 posts later, I am done with the No Waste November Challenge. The strangest thing is not posting every single day, I now feel like there is always an unfinished item on my to do list.

Actually completing the challenge helped me realize that I do enjoy posting and writing about trying to live a more minimal and zero waste life, also getting positive feedback really made the effort worth it.

One of the hardest parts of posting for NWN was the limitations of Instagram, there are tons of links I wanted to share but that platform does not support it, and there are limitations on description length, sometimes I have more to say than the character count allows. So from here on out I will be using a blog to hold the majority of the information I want to share and using Instagram as a tool to publicize.

Click on the links below to check out my Instagram posts for all 30 days of my NWN tips, and additional resources!

Day 1: Introduction/Tea

More Information

Day 2: Water Bottle

More Information

Day 3: Cooking at Home

Day 4: BYO Utensils

Day 5: Plastic Baggies (snacks)

Day 6: Reusable Grocery Bags

Day 7: Reusable Dishware

More Information

Day 8: Reusable Coffee Mug/Thermos

Day 9: Reusable Coffee Filter

Day 10: A Life Without Paper Towels

Day 11: Making Foods that Typically come in packaging

Day 12: Produce Bags

Day 13: Bulk Food Shopping

Day 14: Questions to Ask Yourself before making a food purchase

Day 15: Recycling

More, and More Information

Day 16: Menstrual Cup

Day 17: Reusable Pads

More, and More Information

Day 18: Hotel Toiletries

Day 19: Zero Waste Birthday

Day 20: Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Day 21: Buying Used Products

Day 22: Resisting the urge to take print media

Day23: DIY Handkerchiefs

Day 24: Clothes Shopping

More Information

Day 25: Ditch the Paper Boarding Pass

Day 26: Asking for Recyclable Packaging

Day 27: Food Waste

More Information

Day 28: Sharing Information

Day 29: Consumer Capitalism

Day 30: Straws, Straws, Straws

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