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Personal Sustainability Focused Resolutions for 2021

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


1. Eat Less Meat

Livestock practices are unethical and not sustainable, although I currently do consume meat products, I would like to reduce my meat intake as a whole.

Action Plan: Participate in Veganuary 31 day challenge.

Long Term: Assess results from Veganuary Challenge and make weekly challenges to reduce overall meat consumption.


2. Sign one (1) petition a week

I want to stay actively involved on current environmental events, this will help me stay up to date on issues, learn something new in the process and provide support for actions I support.

Action Plan: Spend 30-45 minutes each week reviewing sites from Green Peace, Change.org, 350.org, and Outvote Application (iPhone and Android links) for petitions or actionable ways to get involved.

Long Term: Sign a minimum of 52 petitions, and share each one of social media to get greater buy in.


3. Buy 30% of groceries at Zero Waste Store

I am currently able to get a large amount of the total products I purchase in package free or with recyclable materials but I would like to support local small businesses and purchase completely package free products whenever possible.

Action Plan: When making grocery list, separate out items that I could be purchasing from the Zero Waste store, and then visit Zero Waste store 1-2 times per month for those items. Find your local zero waste store here.

Long Term: Purchase majority (>50%) of groceries from my local Zero Waste Store.


4. Join and support a local (or online based) Environmental Organization

I'm in a new city, so I need to find ways to get involved/help and find likeminded community members as well.

Action Plan: Research local environmental groups, attend online or in person meetings.

Long Term: Find at least one community that aligns with my values and start helping.


5. Read at least six (6) covering Environmentalism

Learning never stops and I could always learn more about the many areas environmentalism intersects with.

Action Plan: Map out 6 books (I already have 2 purchased) and then read one every other month.

Long Term: Keep reading!


6. Stop purchasing products from Amazon

Simple: they are the devil.

Action Plan: Cancel American and German Prime subscription (both completed 12/27/2020). Find alternative places to purchase products.

Long Term: Never have to use Amazon again.


7. Stop purchasing new clothing

Fast fashion is destroying the environment, and sustainable clothing is barely in my budget right now.

Action Plan: Total clothing review, alter or donate clothing I can no longer wear, thrift or purchase used clothing online when in need. If there is an item I need (that I can afford from a sustainable retailor) then purchase is permitted. (Underwear and sock are not included)

Long Term: Refuse to purchase any products from fast fashion retailors.


8. Start taking public transit to work

I currently have a car (non-electric) that I use to drive to work 50% of the time (the other 50% I telework from home, and want to reduce my carbon foot print. I cannot see myself myself being able to afford an electric car for at least 3 more years, but I do need and want a vehicle.

Action Plan: After telework restrictions are lifted and 100% in person work returns I want to ensure I am commuting at least 50% by public train to work. Monthly public transit pass has been purchased and acquired.

Long Term: Take public transit 100% of the time.


9. Start growing plants and researching more into home plants

One of my weak points, and I would like to have better air quality in my home.

Action Plan: Purchase plants (used if possible), create herb garden on patio closer to spring time.

Long Term: Have several plants, and know how to take care of them.


10. Research Food Sovereignty and find plot in local garden

Why: Another weak knowledge point of mine, learning this information ties into knowing more about the vegan movement and more about the food I eat as well.

Action Plan: Find local gardens, see if plots are open, and invest/start gardening!

Long Term: Have a garden that I can actually grow some of my own food from.


What are your 2021 resolutions? Leave me a comment below.

Wishing you an amazing 2021! Thank you for reading!

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