• Sadie Daffer

Internal Struggle: Plastic Baggies

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Plastic baggies were my most wasteful kitchen product. I would go to the dollar store and buy a couple boxes of those little baggies and run through 3-4 a day. A DAY. I generally always bring my lunch to work so I would use them for veggies, nuts, oatmeal bakes… literally anything you could think of, I put in a plastic bag.

Lunches and snacks weren’t my only culprit for these waste generators; I also used them for keeping half cut up vegetables, like onion and peppers. I use them to store stuff for traveling like q-tips and my mini shampoo and conditioner bottles. I used them to organize my utility cabinet for all my different types of screws and small objects. I used them to organize my makeup and nail polish.

I literally had (and still have a few) plastic baggies scattered alllll over my house. I finally had to say no, no more purchasing plastic bags. I then I forgot and purchased them AGAIN, I went to the store and said “almost forgot! I need plastic baggies!” Fail.

Then I tried harder. I told myself no, Sadie, no plastic bags. I even went on the aisle and held a box in my hand. Ugh, I thought, these are $1, soooo much cheaper than buying $20 worth of silicon bags off amazon! But, I made myself set them back down.

Then I waited, I waited until I got down to a few baggies in the little cardboard box and then I started searching for reusable alternative to plastic baggies. I was able to find a 10-piece set that offered a larger and a smaller size through amazon for $18. I rationalized with myself… ok so this will be less than a $2 per reusable bag, and I wont have to purchase a box of plastic baggies again. (I will note that they are now on amazon for $14! #savings). So, I went for it!

Now, I love these things! I use them for food and for storing my travel items, ten is a lot of reusable bags, especially if you are just one person. Additionally, I no longer wrap up my half used veggies, if I cut up something, I either just toss it back in the fridge as is, or cut up the rest and throw it in a reusable bag! Makes my life so much easier, and my internal struggle is now over!

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