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Done with... Small Kitchen Appliances

When you add cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to a smoothie it becomes a winter smoothie right? Just like add protein makes it a meal! :D

I bought my blender before I was really tuned into purchasing used items, a couple weeks later I saw a gently used one on FB market place for much cheaper, of course. That taught me a lesson of being more patient with my purchases and that selling items  through online platforms is very successful. 

Gifting kitchen appliances is a great Christmas gift in my family since we all do so much cooking and baking, but what do you do with the old appliances you no longer need?

Let walk through the hierarchy for getting rid of small kitchen appliances, things like blenders, toasters, and microwaves.

1. Repair - Manufactures now produce cheap appliances that cost just as much to fix as it does to just buy a new model. This is how they get you to spend more money. If you are savvy enough to fix your appliance, please do, you are an amazing person! 

2. Re-purpose - Unless you feel comfortable working with the component of an electric appliance, please don't!  There are ways you can incorporate different aspects of the appliances into new items such as art pieces, new light fixtures, or even planters. 

 3. Sell - This is probably the most common option, I have had a ton of success selling my kitchen appliances through FB Market place, OfferUp and Letgo. In my experience, if you are open to bartering you will be able to sell almost anything on there, just list your price a little higher initially to see if anyone will buy.

4. Gift - Don't be afraid to gift a used item, as long as it still works and you no longer need it, there is no reason to throw something away another person could use! Ask your friends, coworkers, or put up a social media post. Kitchen items will probably be used more than another gift throughout the year.

5. Donate - Working kitchen appliances are accepted by almost all donation centers, make sure to clean it before you drop it off!

6. Recovery - There are reclaim centers in Portland where you can drop off small appliances, there may be a fee of $5 for drop off. I struggled to find a place in OKC that recycles small kitchen appliances, several different companies pick up larger items like stoves, washers and fridges. 

7. Landfill - Last option if you cant sell, gift, donate or find anyone to recycle the old appliance. 

Let me know if you have other places you have used in the past to recycle your old kitchen appliances!

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