• Sadie Daffer

Done with... Batteries?

How do you dispose of old batteries that are corroded? I was googling this as I was trying to find new AA batteries for the remote at my grandma’s house. I was able to learn that alkaline batteries (the ones and remotes and small items) can be disposed of in regular household garbage if there are only one or two, but it’s preferred to have them dropped off at a recycling facility. If you are in OKC check out different places here, and if you are in PDX check out places here. If you need to clean up corroded batteries check out tips here.

Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, are considered hazardous waste; this includes the ones that are in your power tools, laptops and digital cameras. These items should never be thrown in the trash; they contain heavy metals that could leak contaminating soil and ground water. Thankfully there are several different collection places for these items, including programs set up at Home Depot and Goodwill (check the link above)!

To reduce the amount of batteries needing to be thrown away or recycled, consider buying rechargeable batteries or products that can be plugged in and charged. Example, I used to have a vibrator that used AA batteries, so I was purchasing a lot of batteries. I was able to switch to a rechargeable vibrator (yup it’s the blue thing in the picture above), which cut down almost all of my battery purchases. My next plan is to buy rechargeable batteries for my remotes!

What are some suggested items you guys have purchased that are rechargeable in your home?

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